- Lava Lamp Simulation

Welcome to, an online interactive simulation of the lava lamp which was popular in the '60s and '70s and has recently seen a revival for its 'retro' appeal.

Blobs of coloured liquid wax rise and fall in a column of clear coloured liquid, breaking up and recombining as they move. Start Lava Lamp now.

In an improvement over the real thing, this simulation allows you to gently drag the blobs using the mouse, or your finger on a touch device.


How to use this simulation

This retro lava lamp simulation can be viewed on a computer or mobile device. Switching the browser to full screen mode may enhance the experience - most desktop browsers use the F11 key to switch between full-screen and windowed views.

There is a row of buttons at the top of the screen. In order to provide an uncluttered display these buttons will be hidden after a short time, but will reappear if the mouse pointer is moved into that area.

Clicking the buttons allows you to stop or start the simulation, and to change the colours of the fluids in the lamp

Retro Lamp / Lava Lamp Name

The thing about naming websites is that the ideal name is often already used, so the RetroLamp name is not ideal but still captures the essence of these wonderful lamps. Naming websites is hard enough, but what about babies and pets? We use a huge resource for boys, girls and baby names that is continuously updated. Cool random function too.

The Retro Lamp demo is pseudo random and uses a similar technique to which pulls out endless random numbers in a range specified by you.

If you liked RetroLamp check out Plasma Lamp by us. The lightning sphere rendered in HTML5 - neat!


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